Deploy React.js app on Firebase

QUICK GUIDE: React.js + Firebase 🔥

Acquired by Google in 2014, Firebase is helping developers to build high-quality apps more easily. In this article, you will learn how to quickly deploy a React.js application on Firebase in 8 steps.

Let’s start!


You need to have create-react-app and firebase-tools installed globally.

npm install -g create-react-app


npm install -g firebase-tools


First, you need to create your React.js app call firebase-deploy using the create-react-app tool

create-react-app firebase-deploy


Once the installation is done, you need to get your app ready to deploy. To do so, Open your project folder and build your app for production.

cd firebase-deploy

yarn build


After, you need to install the Firebase command line tool. Because it’s a good practice to frequently update the CLI to the latest version, I suggest you run this command even if you have already installed the CLI.

yarn global add firebase-tools


It’s now the time to connect your local computer to your Firebase account. You can login to Firebase using the following command. You will be redirected to a Google authentification web page.

firebase login


Next, it’s time to initialize your website using the command line. Run the following command:

firebase init

  1. Choose Hosting: Configure and deploy Firebase Hosting sites
  2. Choose [create a new project]
  3. Answer the following questions like below:

What do you want to use as your public directory? (public) build

Configure as a single-page app (rewrite all urls to /index.html)? Yes

File build/index.html already exists. Overwrite? No


Now, you will need to create a new project. To do so, go inside your Firebase console (, click on the add project button, give it a name and create your new project.


After your app is initialized, add your newly created project using the following command and create an alias for the project (here I choose firebase-react-deploy).

firebase use --add


The last step is to actually deploy the app and let the magic happen!

firebase deploy

Your web application is now running on the server 🚀. You can visit your website using the provided Hosting URL.

You made it 🙌

Congratulation, you are now able to deploy your next awesome apps using Firebase 🔥!

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